About Us

Lev Chash endeavors to provide short- and long-term assistance to underprivileged populations dealing with financial, and physical and mental health difficulties.

Lev Chash is a nonprofit humanitarian organization founded in 1998 to benefit populations in need in the greater Haifa area. The founders of the organization envisioned a charitable association operating in Haifa for the benefit of all underprivileged populations. Little did they know that this association would expand so greatly throughout the years, helping tens of thousands of people in a wide array of fields.
Our activities focus on assisting three main populations: Families with financial needs, chronically ill children and their families, and the elderly.

The organization operates the following help centers and projects: Dental clinics, a second-hand furnishing center (furniture, appliances, household items, and clothing), food distributions, a Holocaust survivors’ community club, assistance to cancer-patients and their families, assistance to the elderly, etc.

Our door is open to all people in need, with no prejudice, thus reducing social and economic gaps in Israeli society.
Lev Chash association strongly believes that cooperating with other organizations and institutions leads to maximal success, and as such it operates in full cooperation with Haifa municipally, specifically the welfare office, and other large public- and private-sector organizations; e.g. Elbit systems Ltd., Baran Group Ltd., Electra Group, Palram Industries Ltd., Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, as well as local high-schools.

Lev Chash association relies mainly on the work of its ~80 volunteers who come on a regular basis. The association promotes social values of volunteering, giving and bearing the burden for others; thus, it implements social awareness and responsibility. Likewise, it educates towards equality, respect, professionalism and attention to needs.

As of 2000, Lev Chash has been recognized as an official nonprofit organization No. 580353563, and has received proper management approval from the Registrar of Charities.

Years of activity
Food parcels for the needy annually
Dental treatments annually
Distribution of sandwiches in a hospital annually
Visitors to the furniture center annually
Volunteer hours per year



– Lev Chash was recognized as an official nonprofit organization and received proper management approval from the Registrar of Charities.


During the Second Lebanon War, Lev Chash offered humanitarian aid to Haifa residents in need.

The organization joined forces with municipal and welfare authorities, functioning in an emergency capacity from the very first day of the war. Despite sirens and the risk of bombings, dozens of volunteers enlisted to assist in these activities, handing out hot meals to the elderly and distributing food parcels, toys and blankets to people staying in bomb-shelters.

These activities attest to the essential nature of the organization’s work, not only during times of peace, but also during times of war and crisis.


Our Team

Dikla Cohen Michaeli

Executive Director

Mordi Edri

Operation Manager.

Roni Hendren

Project and Volunteer Coordinator

Sima Alimov

Secretery and the Mofet Club Coordinator

Mira Elgazi

Head of the Haifa dental clinic

Keren Bashan

Head of the Kiryat Ata dental clinic

Public Management and Executive Comity

Yossi Ackerman

Entrepreneur. Former President of Elbit Systems. Holds a B.A. in aeronautics and an honorary doctorate from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology.

Amir Ben-Joseph

Rambam Hospital CPO of Environmental Services

Jacob Gadot

Business advisor. Former vice president of marketing at Elbit Systems.

Yaacob Zeiblad

Co-Founder of Lev-Chash in loving memory of mother Hava

Awards and Certificates of Appreciation

Throughout the years, Lev-Chash association has been presented with many awards and certificates of appreciation. Following are some of these: