Lev Chash Association is working to help the poor and disadvantaged in the economic field distressed, health, mental, and so by providing assistance in the short and long term.

About us

Lev Chash is a humanitarian organization that has been operating for over 20 years on a non-profit basis and assists all sections of the population.

The activity began in 1997 in memory of Sarah Rauchberger and Chava Zeibald – and therefore the name Lev Chash

At the founding of the association, they saw in their vision Joshua and Yaakov Charitable organizations, which will operate in Haifa with the aim of alleviating the difficulties of the disadvantaged in the city and empowering this layer of population.

Lev Chash believes in collaborating with institutions and organizations as a value leading to maximum success, and works in full cooperation with the Haifa Municipality, including the welfare department as well as with other organizations and institutions.

Lev Chash is largely based on volunteers and takes responsibility for promoting the values ​​of volunteering, giving and bearing the burden for others, thus instilling awareness, involvement and social responsibility. It also holds the values ​​of giving, respect, equality, professionalism and listening to the need.

The association has many dozens of volunteers who come on a regular basis several times a week, as well as many partners such as: Elbit Systems, Electra, Bern Engineering, Palerm, the Technion, schools and high schools and more.

The association is registered with the Registrar of Associations since 2000 (RA 580353563) and has a certificate of proper management, as well as a donation certificate – section 46 of the Income Tax Ordinance.

Distribution of sandwiches in the hospital
Volunteer hours per year
Years Of Activity
Dental treatments a year
Food baskets for those in need a year
Visitors to a furniture center a year



The association is registered as a non-profit and has proper management approval from the association’s register.


During the Second Lebanon War, the association mobilized for the plight of the city’s residents who were left unanswered and without assistance. The association is a member of the municipal and welfare agencies and began to function in an emergency format from the first day of the war. Dozens of volunteers enlisted for this activity every day who, under alarms, shelling and real danger to life, went out to shelters to distribute hot food to the elderly, food packages and blankets for families, and toys for children.

Today the association operates and assists regularly in times of emergency and times of crisis.

This activity has proved vital to the organization not only in times of peace but also in times of war and crisis.


“Treat from the Heart” – Establishing a Hot Drinking Cart and Treatments for Children with Cancer and their Parents in the Rambam Pediatric Oncology Department



Dikla Cohen Michaeli

Executive Director

Eran Breuer

Operations Manager

Hadas Cohen

Project coordinator and volunteers

Keren Frank

Director of Resource Development and Partnerships

Aleksandra Parhomenko

Coordinator of the Mofet Club for Holocaust Survivors, and secretary of the association

Keren Bashan

In charge of the clinic in Kiryat Ata

Mira Algazi

In charge of the clinic in Haifa

Public Management

Yossi Ackerman

Former President of Elbit Systems, holds a degree in aeronautical engineering, holds an honorary doctorate from the Technion, and is currently an entrepreneur and farmer.

Amir Ben Yosef

Director of Environmental Services Operations, Administrative Management at Rambam Hospital.

Jacob Gadot

Elbit Systems senior VP former business consultant and engaged in voluntary activities.

Jacob Zeibeld

One of the founders of the association and its founders in memory of his mother, Eve Zeibald, who died of cancer in her 50s.

Signals of appreciation and appreciation

Over the years, Lev Chash Association has received many accolades and appreciation. Some of the awards and certificates awarded to the association are presented to you.