״My mouth shall be filled with your praise, with your honor all the day. Don’t reject me in my old age. Don’t forsake me when my strength fails.״

-From Psalms

Respect your ways

Regular Weekly Visits
Social Support
Assistance With Chores

A unique and one of a kind program where Haifa city inspectors adopt lonely elderly citizens and visit their homes on a regular basis during their shift.

This is a new project and the first of its kind in the country, the idea is that the municipal inspectors, who are part of their job all over the city, tour the neighborhoods regularly, will visit an elderly person – a welfare patient, at his home once a week regularly, during the daily tour.

In Haifa, thousands of senior citizens living in solitude without support systems, some in low socioeconomic status, many of them rarely leave their homes for a variety of physical, emotional, functional and other reasons, the goal of the project is that The welfare factors in cases of need for additional assistance in the field of health, food and the like, thereby increasing his sense of security and improving his quality of life.

The inspectors receive training in the field of old age as well as in the field of volunteering, and the inspectors also receive guidance from social workers who are at their head in every question.

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In collaboration with the Director of Operations of the Welfare Department – Haifa Municipality