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Staying in the Swing of Things

Lev Chash association strives to help sick children and their siblings, whose routine has been disrupted due to prolonged sickness, and constitute an educational and social support system in difficult times.

The educational mentoring and support project Staying in the Swing of Things was established in September 2009 with the initiative and in association with Irit and Yossi Ackerman. The project provides educational, social, and emotional support for cancer and dialysis patients and their siblings, whose routine has been disrupted by long periods of treatment and rehabilitation. These children suffer from educational, emotional and social gaps which make it hard for them to return to regular everyday life.

Our goal in Lev Chash is to address the needs of these children and their families by implementing a personalized support program for each child. The support is given on a weekly basis by students and volunteers that contribute to the project according to their personal and professional qualifications.

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