The House for children with cancer and their families.

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Staying in the Swing of Things

Mentoring Project in the educational and social fields for sick children and their siblings
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Home for children with cancer and their families
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wrapped with love

Sandwiches distribution, pastries and hot drinks at the hospital for patients and their families
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treat from the heart

Coffee and pastry cart in the Oncology Department of Rambam Hospital
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furniture centre

Furniture center, appliances and home accessories for the community
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dental clinic

A wide range of dental treatments
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food distribution

Food distribution center for those in need
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holocaust survivors 'Mofet' club

A social club for the elderly Holocaust survivors
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Respect Along the Way

Haifa Municipality inspectors adopt elder and regularly visit his home during routine patrol
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Coming Soon

Rounding for Levchash

Levchash assosiation joined “Igul Letova” organisation. We invite you to round for the benefit of the elderly, holocaust survivors and the families in need who are supported by the assosiation. How does it work? By pressing on the link below, filling the details and from then the small coins in your credit deals will be transfered as a donation to the assosiation. For example if you puchased a product in 49.56 NIS, the amount will be rounded upward for the closest shekel and 44 agora’s will be transfered for those in need. Though it may sound a small amount, every amount is considered as help. So what are you waiting for?

Our Vision

Providing short-term and long-term assistance to disadvantaged groups in society, who are in distress in the economic, health, mental and other sectors.

Our activities

The organisation’s activities are focused in three main areas: the provision of assistance to needy families, providing support and assistance to sick children and their families, and assistance for the elderly

The organisation’s door is open to all needy populations and aid is provided regardless of the social divide in Israel.



Our vision is to set up a warm, loving and supportive temporary home for sick children and their parents, to help even a little, for their suffering during the illness, the hospitalization, and the medical treatment period.

The home will be a recovery home for children with cancer who come to Rambam Hospital from distant communities for day care and intensive care, and are forced to travel distances every day when they are in pain and suffering.

In addition, the home will allow families whose children are hospitalized for a long period of time to rest during the difficult period, where they are forced to spend days and nights in the hospital as well as cope with long and exhausting trips.

Years Of Activity
Food baskets for those in need a year
Dental treatments per year
Distribution of sandwiches at the hospital a year
Visitors to the Furniture Center a year
Volunteering hours per year

Our Partners