Hundreds of volunteers showed up at our food center to help deliver food  to Holocaust survivors, the elderly and families in need. Rosh Hashanah is coming soon, we urgently need your donations to make sure no one is left hungry. In a huge collaboration with the Welfare Department, we reach out to every senior citizen, every hungry family, to make sure that they spend this holiday with dignity.

Calling all people!

We need you to volunteer at:


Phone calls to the elderly

Making phone calls to the elderly for the purpose of alleviating loneliness according to lists that are sent to us from the welfare in the municipality (you can call the elderly from home or from the association, according to your choice)
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Packing food baskets

Join the food center staff in packing food baskets before sending them to the needy
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Delivery of food packages to the elderly

Bouncing a food package for an elderly person who is in isolation (the intention is to bring it up to the door and not enter the house)
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Bringing medicines for the elderly

Bringing medicine to an elderly home that needs it
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Be our partners

And help us meet the challenge of distributing food baskets ahead of the holidays.

Credit Card Donation

Donations are recognized for tax purposes under section 46.

About the Lev Hash Association

Lev Hesh was established in 1997 with a certificate of proper management of the Register of Associations, and later the association was recognized as a public institution.

Since its inception, the association has assisted tens of thousands of needy families, families with sick children, the sick, the elderly and more in a variety of fields.

The association’s flagship project is a home for children with cancer and their families, near Rambam Hospital in Haifa (a single home in the north of the country, with 15 guest rooms for children and their families). The house is under construction (expected completion of construction in October 2020), and we will be happy to add partners for its construction and assistance in financing its construction.

In addition, the association has a community resource center – a center for furniture, electricity and second-hand home accessories, in a building in the Hadar neighborhood, which is an address for thousands of needy families as well as hundreds of organizations and individuals interested in donating equipment.

The association has dental clinics for those entitled to a rehabilitation basket at no cost, and for those in need at a subsidized cost.

The association established the project “Staying in business” – a mentoring and educational support project for children with cancer and long-term illness and their brothers and continued to operate over the years and established additional projects such as the Elderly Club for Holocaust Survivors, the Municipal Inspectors Project for the Elderly, Weakening, helping women affected by violence and more and more.

We invite you to enter the full website of the association by clicking here and join our activities, we are always looking for new partners to do good for the people who need it.